Brompton Bikes, Singapore

Brompton Bicycles. A quintessential British Brand. Named by its creator Andrew Ritchie in 1976 after the Brompton Oratory, a landmark visible from his bedroom workshop where the first bikes were built, they have been pioneers of the folding bicycle for over 30 years and now produce over 40,000 bikes a year. Enjoying a global cult following, it is the transport of choice for many and considered a sustainable alternative to public transport within a city. The brand and bikes remain true to their heritage and are still manufactured entirely in London employing many traditional engineering skills.

A brand with such a strong heritage, iconic product and strong following requires careful consideration when it comes to retail design. The brief asked to move the experience away from the traditional format of a bike shop and create an environment that talked about engineering excellence, eccentricity, lifestyle and the warmth of its loyal customers. The store needed to engage at several levels; as a serious and hard-working retail environment providing a sophisticated back drop to the product, as a community hub whilst promoting premium British craftmanship.


The shopfront is designed to suggest a traditional vehicle workshop entrance, purpose made doors fold open to the full width of the store.

A specially commissioned poster of The Mall in London and a deconstructed shed which sits at the heart of the store, represents the eccentricity of the brand, evocative of single-minded inventors from which so many great ideas have spawned over time.

The rear wall and roadway are designed to draw the eye through the space with the roadway doubling up to define the space whilst provideing a durable surface for demonstrating the bike. Evening masterclasses for customers on bike maintenance are also held in this area. The shed is hard-working and its skeletal form allows customers to engage with mechanics whilst they work and the dominant yellow colour is intended as a reference point.

The rest of the store is designed to promote the product. The bikes themselves are showcased in two ways, folded and unfolded. The depth of the range is presented within the “cube wall” which is oriented at a slight angle to ensure the bikes, which are slightly recessed into the display are clearly visible.

On the left of the store is an area for the latest products, arranged within an alcove the intention is to emphasise the value of the product, allowing space to breath, a fashion item. The wooden packaging crates that appear around the store are from the factory; they were used to move components between processes, and have been reworked to display clothing accessories and similar products.

Lighting is crucial, ensuring that the colours of product are correctly presented and work and demonstration areas correctly defined.

At the rear is community seating which allows space for waiting customers and those attending ride-outs. It includes a digital white board used to communicate between stores and customers about future events and promotions, it can be viewed on their website.