Cellar Magneval Wine Bar Fleet

The second instalment of the Cellar Magneval wine bars is situated in the centre of Fleet, Hampshire. With its continental atmosphere and sophisticated wines, it requires a more subjective view when entering, provoked by the off the wall interior.


With the original Cellar Magneval wine bar being so well received, we decided to up the ante with Fleet by taking a bolder approach to the interior design. Staying true to the previous bars recycling and upcycling philosophy, the red wine colour scheme and lighting were transferred to maintain continuity between locations and ensure the wine bars continental ambience and charm were maintained.

As you enter, first glimpses catch the laziest of eyes with the bold use of fixtures and fittings; the reversed leather sofas, the wall mounted table, chairs, doors and windows. As you continue through the space you begin to notice the subtle quirks – the bar mounted on books, the addition of a London bus; roof, seats and stop buttons in-all. It has an Alice In Wonderland charm to it and makes for a unique experience.

If you’re local, we highly recommend you drop by.

325 Fleet Rd, Fleet GU51
Opening times: Wednesdays – Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Telephone: 01252 621739